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Welcome to my home page. I am Roy Gouwens and am in my 21st year of appraising real estate in Northwest Indiana. I live in DeMotte Indiana which is a small town in Jasper County Indiana. Jasper County has about 30000 people.  The majority of my appraisals are in Lake and Porter County which are 7 miles north of DeMotte and have about 400000 people. I also appraise in Newton County which is in my MLS and about 3 miles West of DeMotte and has about 20000 people.  I also appraise in Laporte County which is in my MLS.  The majority of my appraisals are residential though I do appraise some farms and some small businesses.  I sold real estate in Northwest Indiana 14 years before becoming a full time appraiser in 1992.

I appraise for all types of clients.  You name it I've probably done that type of appraisal. Mortgage Refinancing, Employee Relocation, Private Mortgage Insurance Removal, Estate Planning, Divorce Settlement, REO.

I want to be be paid a fair and competitive fee.  I have many years of experience and spend many many hours keeping up to date in the latest appraisal requirements, law changes, technology changes, and so on.  I charge what I think is necessary to cover my expenses and time to do a quality appraisal.

I always plan to deliver a report in a quick turn time but quality is king in my book.  I have no complaints against me and believe I am well thought of as an appraiser and as an individual. I do my best to keep clients informed of status.  Of course all reports are delivered via some type of electronic media.

You can order an appraisal through this website or via xsite, or by calling me at 219-987-4512, or by emailing me at